Here is Why Video Marketing is So Powerful!

Video content continues to dominate the marketing world, revolutionising the way that many businesses reach and communicate with customers online.

Using high-quality video content, it’s possible to implement effective goals-driven marketing campaigns, building brand awareness and power over time. 

By offering unique reach, engagement and branding potential, videos are one of the most important components of any marketing strategy, providing excellent business growth opportunities.

Why is video marketing so powerful, you ask? Here are just some of the reasons why video content should be a staple in any marketer’s toolbox!

Achieving higher search rankings

The first step to maximising your business potential is ensuring that you make the most of opportunities to improve brand awareness whenever possible. Where better to begin than with Google?

Video marketing is an excellent tool when it comes to boosting search engine optimisation (SEO), helping your business website and other digital channels rank higher in online searches.

Improved search rankings can help soon-to-be customers discover your brand by placing your website on the first or second page of Google results. This is likely to increase your site’s web traffic and provide new selling opportunities.

Including video-based advertising materials as part of your content strategy can also increase session duration when internet users visit your website. This can further improve your site’s searchability and your brand’s online presence.

Reaching new consumers

Across many digital channels, including most major social media platforms, video content is fast becoming a key player. Video offers incomparable reach potential.

By generating high rates of engagement, video tends to perform well in digital algorithms, increasing the likelihood that your brand will be seen by new customers. This is true with both paid and organic video marketing campaigns.

Video content is a great way to build interest in and knowledge of your brand. When your brand is shown to new people, you can begin to build brand awareness in meaningful ways.

When leveraged effectively, video reach can lead to increased brand power in the long-term, helping you grow your audience and your customer base.

Improving digital engagement

When marketing your business online, engagement is essential! Improving engagement with your digital content can help you build important consumer relationships and brand credibility.

Unlike still images and written content, video content is fast-paced and attention-grabbing, making it the perfect way to capture the interest of social media scrollers.

Often, social media users engage with video posts by liking, commenting, sharing and saving. These responses can further enhance your reach potential when factored into social platform content algorithms.   

On social media, video is well known for its shareability, meaning that your existing audience can play an important role in helping you grow your network.   

Striving for increased conversions and sales

In business, conversions are the key to growth. All marketing strategies should be tailored to help you work towards a clear goal, with this goal often relating to sales.

According to research, landing page videos can improve conversion rates by up to 80 percent. Marketing videos shared in other online spaces can offer similar results.

By drawing more people to your business website and social media accounts, video content is fantastic for lead generation, providing plenty of opportunities for you to turn leads into customers.  

The most effective marketing strategies combine video content with effective lead capture tools and clear calls to action. This way, video can be used to its full potential, often facilitating rapid business growth.

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