Video Marketing that Feels Right to your Clients

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The best video marketing doesn’t feel like marketing at all.  It feels like a new relationship. It feels like a brand worthy of your customers’ trust. It just feels right. EyeTell is more than a video marketing agency on the Gold Coast.  Our approach to video marketing nurtures your client relationships, from their first compelling experience with your brand, through to that all important conversion. 

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Step One: Connect with Your Clients

Your story, told well.  Cut through all the noise and show your ideal customers that your unique brand, your values, your culture – aligns with them.   There’s nothing so powerful as an emotional, relatable connection.  The first stage of your video marketing strategy is to find your place top of mind with your ideal customer.  Our proven approach to storytelling generates up to triple the word-of-mouth value for brands, and in this age of “like, follow, share”, that’s everything in video marketing.  EyeTell delivers Brisbane and the Gold Coast video marketing with real traction. 

Give Prospects a Compelling Reason to Love You 

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Step Two: Compel them through your sales funnel

Be un-look-awayable.  Stop losing prospects mid-funnel.  EyeTell’s approach to video marketing nurtures your clients through your funnel because followers and clicks are great, but creating new customers is at the heart of everything we do.  But our storytelling approach to video marketing is about compelling them to keep watching.  To build loyalty, trust, authority. To convert your unique selling proposition into their ideal purchase.  Beyond the old school “ad agency” approach, we bring your potential customers engaging, educating, and inspiring video marketing. 

Keep Prospects in Your Sales Funnel

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Step Three: Convert Prospects to Clients

That all important moment, where they’re ready to open their wallet… Eyetell’s video marketing agency gives them a reason to “add to cart” or “sign up now”.  Overcome those last-minute hesitations, re-assure and deliver “living, breathing proof” that they’re about to make the right decision.  In 2021, 87% of marketers report positive ROI on video marketing activity. Don’t just “do video marketing” our proven, whole funnel storytelling approach converts traffic, to prospects, to clients.   

Don’t do videos.  Do strategy, conversion driven video marketing

Not sure what you need?  That’s OK.  Our videographer will help you determine where your strategy is falling down, and help you to create the right story for your brand.  Simply get in touch.  

Business Video Production Services

Offering creative, compelling business video production, Gold Coast based Eyetell Studio makes video content that’s unforgettable. 

Whether your aim is to communicate, educate, demonstrate or resonate, our video production services are designed to connect you with your dream audience. With 80% of video marketers claiming that video has directly increased sales (Wyzowl, 2020), investing in professional video content is a smart move for businesses. 

Our video production services include: 


Business/Company Profile Videos

A company profile video is an extremely effective way to communicate your business purpose and values to prospective clients. In lieu of face to face contact, video provides an engaging format for customers to “meet” you and learn more about what your company has to offer. Make meaningful connections and build brand awareness with a company profile video. 

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Client Spotlight Videos

Nothing builds brand trust better than hearing clients sing the praises of your business. These clever videos are designed to demonstrate how your business has positively impacted a client’s life in a real and tangible way.  

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Team Culture Videos

Often used as part of inductee training and to boost employee morale, team culture videos can convey company values in a compelling and authentic way. So let your staff know what’s important to your business, and that as a valued part of the team, they play a crucial role in upholding those values. 



Consumers are always looking for social proof that your business is the one they should choose. Glowing testimonial videos from happy customers provide that evidence to undecided customers. And with many of us preferring to get our information by watching a video rather than reading text, video is the ideal format to reach a larger audience.  



Educational videos are an incredible way for brands to add value for potential clients. Sharing useful information to your audience builds brand awareness and trust – and when the time comes to purchase, your brand is more likely to come to mind. 



Instructional videos are a brilliant tool for brands whose products or services require how-to demonstrations. Show off the features and benefits in a clear and compelling way – and drive customer conversions. 



Hosting an important brand or business event in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast? Capitalise on its success by creating a video that captures the magic of the occasion. After-event videos are a great way to promote upcoming events, showcasing the highlights and establishing the next one as ‘not to be missed’ for those who are undecided about attending. 

Q and A


Answer your brands frequently asked questions in an entertaining and personable video format. It’s a chance to put a human face to your business, allowing potential customers to form a deeper connection to your brand.  



Let your target audience know about one-off events, exclusive offers and upcoming seasonal sales with an unforgettable promo video. Build anticipation, encourage shares, and drive traffic to your online platforms.


Harness the power of social media by sharing videos with your followers. Our branded content video production is a great way to introduce yourself, your products and your loyal customers, too. There are so many creative ways to engage your audience with professional social media video content – let’s create something on-brand and on point! 



Boosting your customer engagement and trust, positioning you as an industry authority and taking your online presence to the next level.

Team Member


Team member videos help your audience get to know your brand better. Your clients want to see the passionate people behind the products and services they love to buy. Putting your team members in the spotlight will further humanise your brand and relate more to your customers. Promoting a happy and healthy work environment will make your company more trustworthy, not just as a business to invest in, but also as a business to grow and learn from. 

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