What is Branded Content Video Production? FYI: You Need It!

Digital media is on the rise, and more and more companies are beginning to embrace the power of branded content video production to boost brand performance.

Using branded content videos, businesses are able to reach more customers in creative and innovative ways, sharing content that sparks interest and drives impact, helping to increase brand power.

Branded content video production is now a staple of any B2B or B2C marketing strategy, offering excellent opportunities for clever marketing campaigns that can yield excellent branding results.

But what really is branded content video – and how can you use it to build your business’s success?

What is branded content video production?

A branded content video is a form of marketing that isn’t salesy. Content is sponsored, created, or shared by a brand to communicate its values without being directly promotional.

By producing branded videos, businesses can engage their target audiences with educational, entertaining, or informative content, helping to establish trust and credibility. Branded content isn’t designed to sell a service or product. Instead, the focus is on building and sharing brand identity.

Viewers of a branded video should know which business is responsible for the content, but they shouldn’t feel like the material is intended as part of a promotional campaign.

Branded content videos can be distributed in many ways, including as part of television advertisements. Increasingly, however, these videos are made to be shared on social media.

What is an example of branded video?

Many businesses have created great branded content videos. One popular example, with almost 70 million YouTube views, is Dove’s Real Beauty campaign.

The video responded to research showing that only 4 percent of women found themselves beautiful. A sketch artist created two drawings of each participating woman. One drawing was based on the woman’s own description of her appearance, while the other was based on a stranger’s description.

The purpose of the 3-minute video was to demonstrate the inaccuracies of many women’s self-image amidst today’s often unrealistic beauty standards.

This branded video was clearly attributed to Dove and aligned closely with the brand’s values, but it never mentioned any Dove products. Its purpose was to entertain and educate, not to promote.

Why is branded content so effective?

Branded content video production is a highly effective marketing technique.

This is largely because branded videos allow businesses to position themselves strategically in popular culture using engaging advertising materials.

By omitting the promotional focus commonly associated with marketing content, branded videos tend to generate more consumer trust and, ultimately, more interest. 

When used effectively, branded videos can help to improve brand awareness and brand confidence.

How are branded videos different from marketing videos?

Branded videos are used as part of a marketing strategy, but they differ from standard marketing videos.

Most marketing and advertising campaigns focus on product or service offerings. Marketing videos are intended to promote a business directly, driving sales.

On the other hand, branded videos almost never focus on a specific product or service. Instead, they are intended to educate or entertain audiences and reinforce brand values without a sales focus. 

How do you produce branded content?

In order to make the most of branded content video production and the many benefits it can offer, it’s important to ensure that your video content is high quality and effectively targeted.

The best way to produce outstanding branded content is by working with a professional videographer. A videographer can help you with idea generation as well as video production and post-production work.

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