About Eyetell

Business and Corporate Video Production, Brisbane and Gold Coast

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At Eyetell, our goal is to shake up branded video content. We’re moving away from the hard sell and leaning into the heart sell.

What does that mean?

It’s no secret that consumers love video content. They’re more likely to engage with it and to share it with others. Video content is a key marketing tool. But not all branded and corporate video production has the same impact.

If you want your brand to stand out from competitors, or to capture what’s great about your corporate culture, authenticity is crucial.

And that’s where the heart sell comes in. Eyetell Studio, headed up by Elsa Hendriks, will help you communicate your business vision and values, and educate new customers about how your products or services have been designed to positively impact their lives. Professional video production that’s compelling and genuine is the ideal way to draw aligned customers to your brand.    

Our Video Production Process

With experience in TV production and video content creation across the globe, we bring a creative eye and a passion for powerful storytelling to the video production process. As your videographer, Gold Coast based Eyetell will uncover the very best of your business and brand and turn it into powerful video content that can be used across all your online platforms.  

Our process is designed to simplify each step for the client.


Concept Creation

All great video production begins with a great concept! 

Carefully crafted from your client brief, we present you with a concept proposal. Once approved, we begin work on the video script. We unearth the gems of your business story and consider the kind of tone with which to tell it. Depending on your objectives, it may be informal and light-hearted, or formal and serious – or somewhere in between. We spend time getting to know you and your business values to land on the most authentic approach. Pre-production also includes discussing the use of interviews, music and voice-overs.

At this point, we establish deadlines for video delivery – especially when the schedule is tight. Shooting days are planned, and time for video editing, audio editing, colour correction and processing feedback are taken into account.

camera work


Lights! Camera! Action! It’s time to shoot so get ready for your close up! 

Performances, interviews, and overlay shots are captured to video and sound. Clients often find this stage the most exciting – but it can also be nerve-wracking. Capturing a great interview is all about preparation and setting the subject (maybe that’s you!) at ease. Don’t worry, we’ve done this before! We’ll ensure you’re comfortable and ready to shine.

post production


Let’s turn footage into a film you’ll love!

We go through all the raw footage captured during filming and select the best moments. The process of editing shapes these moments into a cohesive story that is compelling and authentic to your business. If necessary, suitable music is selected for the video production, and voice-overs added where appropriate.

Once editing is complete, it’s time to view your new video and give feedback. Need changes? We’ll keep tweaking until you’re completely satisfied with the final edit.  

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